Respiratory Infections in Cats

Upper respiratory infections (“colds”) are the most common cat disease. In fact, the feline distemper vaccine protects for the most common and widely recognized forms, although there are new viruses and bacterial infections being evolved constantly. As a cat owner you should be aware of some facts about these infections.  

About Grooming

Do all dogs need grooming? 
All dogs need an occasional bath, but it is more important to keep your dog combed and brushed, especially if your dog has long hair. Matted hair can easily cause skin problems and unnecessary discomfort for your pet.  If neglected for too long, it might eventually necessitate a lengthy grooming session, which could be uncomfortable for your pet and expensive for you. Regular brushing, on the other hand, improves your dog’s skin tone and circulation, and makes the coat healthier and more attractive.   

Canine Cough

One of the public relations problems for pet care facilities continues to be a much misunderstood disease in dogs called “canine cough,” tracheobronchitis, or often improperly referred to as “kennel cough.”  As a dog owner you should be aware of some of the facts about this disease.   

Boarding Your Cat

For a variety of reasons, more people are discovering the delight of living with cats. In urban areas, apartment dwellers find that cats offer companionship, without the need for frequent outdoor exercise periods. In rural areas, cats still fulfill their function as rodent catchers for many households. If you are a cat owner, you are undoubtedly very attached to your furry roommate. However, there will be times when you will have to make arrangements for your cat’s care when you are traveling on business, vacations, or when you host out-of-town guests who are allergic to cats.

Boarding Your Dog

Today, more and more concerned pet owners are choosing to board their dogs at boarding kennels. Kennel managers who make a public commitment to quality pet care. Their kennels often offer a variety of pet care services such as daycare, pet sitting, special exercise programs, cat boarding, grooming, retail sales, training, and pet shipping. What are the advantages of boarding your dog? The vast majority of dogs adapts well and enjoys their stay at the kennel. Keep in mind, however, that pet sitting in your home does not offer the same level of supervision that boarding does.