Boarding Your Dog

Today, more and more concerned pet owners are choosing to board their dogs at boarding kennels. Kennel managers who make a public commitment to quality pet care. Their kennels often offer a variety of pet care services such as daycare, pet sitting, special exercise programs, cat boarding, grooming, retail sales, training, and pet shipping. What are the advantages of boarding your dog? The vast majority of dogs adapts well and enjoys their stay at the kennel. Keep in mind, however, that pet sitting in your home does not offer the same level of supervision that boarding does. Furthermore, when you are not at home with your dog, his or her behavior might differ significantly from the normal behavior. For instance your dog might try to “escape” to find you, become destructive to your home, or become aggressive toward the pet sitter. 

The experienced staff members are trained to recognize the warning signs of potential health problems and will contact a veterinarian if they feel it is called for. Many times it is easier for the pet care provider to detect problems than it is for the owner of the dog. If your dog does require veterinary care while being boarded, you should be aware that you—the pet’s owner—are financially responsible for such care. Discuss, before boarding, any medication or special care your dog might need. 

During boarding it is possible that dogs might step in their stools or urine and become dirty. This can happen in the cleanest of facilities. Also, some of the finest disinfectants available for sanitizing are not always the most pleasant smelling, and the odor may cling to your dog’s coat. Bathing or grooming may be a welcome solution. Advise the pet care provider if you want your dog to have a bath on the day he or she goes home. Make certain you understand the rate structure for all services and hours of operation. The fee for boarding includes the care of your pet, as well as the peace of mind that goes with knowing that he or she is safe and with someone you can trust. Make certain all immunizations are current. The manager will be happy to discuss the immunization requirements with you. Your pet should be free of internal and external parasites and not have been exposed to any contagious diseases. Inform the boarding facility of any special idiosyncrasies or medical problems your dog may have (history of epilepsy or fear of thunder, etc.) that may assist in keeping your dog healthy and happy. The vast majority of dogs view their stay at the boarding facility as a vacation. Relax and enjoy your trip.