Kates Kennels has been entirely updated in 2004 right down to the cement. We also remodeled by putting in a new feline interior facility, new grooming room, new and friendlier office. Our facility is located in rural Harmony Township of Cass County.

We are situated on 10 acres of wide open country. We have a small training area for our bird dogs. We also walk and run your dogs on this area. There is nothing like seeing a dog come back satisfied and excited about being here. After a walk in the country, the dogs come back in much calmer and relaxed. All we have to do is grab the 25 foot flexi lead and the whole kennel lights up with “I wanna go!”. We do a lot of training with this method. Most will learn to put their head inside the collar in three days.

Some special features:

  • Every kennel is a large kennel large enough to house up to 3 large breeds in each.
  • We are heated and air conditioned, and we have special commercial de-humidifiers to control the humidity.
  • We have also installed special air extractors to not only maintain a higher - cleaner air quality.
  • Outdoor runs are larger than the inside and are accessible by your pet through aWeatherSeal Pet Door - 24 hours a day ( if they cannot use the door, it can be propped open weather permitting).
  • Every part of our kennel floor is concrete, so is easily sanitized indoors and out.
  • We have a bright, sunny cat room and we do not charge extra for cat litter, extra play time or love.