We charge a daily rate for dog and cat boarding. If you have more than one pet they can board together, but the same rates apply.  Each day is a new charge regardless of the pickup or drop off time.


  • Large or Small Dogs
  • $22.00/dog/day and this includes dog food, but you may bring your own food if you would like to keep their own diet.
  • $12.00/day extra if you care to have your dog walked morning and evening.
  • Dogs that board 10 days or more will receive a free bath!


  • $16.00/cat/day and this includes kitty litter and kitty food unless you don't want to change your kitty’s diet, then we will feed yours.

Other Rates.  For emergencies, we are usual able to adjust your drop off or pick up between schedules hours.  Please call prior to your arrival and we will try to accommidate you, please do not drive in between normal business hours without notice.

  • Walks: $6.00/walk or playtime - up to twice each day
  • Exit Baths: $25.00
  • Toe nails: $15.00
  • Ears: $12.00 if they need ear meds is $15.00
  • Medications: $5.00 per day extra for any cat or dog
  • Anal gland expression $15.00

We accept cash, checks, and credit.


We are closed on the above holidays to the Public.  We are here taking care of your pets just like any other day, but there are no pickup or drop-off hours on those days.