Each dog has its own private kennel, several with indoor/outdoor runs . The kennel is heated and air conditioned and controlled for humidity. The inside and outside areas are separated by a WeatherSeal Pet Door so your pet can access the outside if it needs to. (the doors can be propped open, weather permitting, if your dog can't use the door). The kennel flooring is cement and each kennel is disinfected between occupants as well as the stainless steel dishes which we provide. Each kennel has a kennel bed which is also cleaned and disinfected between occupants. Dogs are fed once or twice a day, according to your pet’s schedule.  Dogs have access to fresh water 24 hours a day. We suggest during your pet's stay to bring something familiar from home, such as a favorite blanket. A small kennel or crate from home provides security and is a comfort especially for little dogs. There is plenty of room for them in each kennel along with one of our beds. Toys are also welcome, especially for our young visitors!

Our cat room houses up to 8 cats. They are housed in a private room away from our canine friends. Each cat has playtime in the cat room. There is a climber, scratching post, window bed and other assorted toys to play with. They have fresh food and water at all times. 

We will take care of giving all medications, including any injections ($5 for injections), and are glad to give your pet our food or yours from home at no extra cost. How many other kennel owners live onsite, not many but we do! Can other kennel owners hear your pet from home? It is almost like having someone with them all day and all night long!

Our staff will be glad to take care of your pet’s grooming needs—whether that involves giving an exit bath, clipping nails, or ear cleaning. You will be able to let us know what you want done when you drop your dog off. 

Other Services
 At Kates Kennels, we realize that some dogs need a little more exercise while they stay with us. We have access to a large area because we live in the country. Pets can be walked once or twice a day. There is also the option to play ball and run freely in our large, fenced in play area. There is an additional daily fee for walking and play time.